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  • Origins and Development of Georgian Drone Polyphony: my first book, written in Georgian in 1984, was never published, although for some time it was on the plan of state publishing house Khelovneba.

  • Georgian Traditional Polyphony in an International Context of Polyphonic Culture (To the Problems of Origins of Polyphony: My next book was written in Russian and was published in 1989 by the Tbilisi State University Press. This was my Doctoral on Music dissertation.

  • Who Asked the First Question? Origins of Human Choral Singing, Intelligence, Language and Speech: was written already in Australia in 2006. In 2009 the book received Fumio Koizumi award in ethnomusicology

In recognition of his contribution to systematic analysis of folk polyphonies of the world, proposing a new model for the origins of traditional choral singing in a broad context of human evolution.

Here is the link to the book

  • Why Do People Sing? Music in Human Evolution: was written after a publisher from ERC (Tokyo) commissioned me to write a shorter version of my 2006 book for a more popular reader. This book includes many new ideas not present in my 2006 book. The book came out in English in 2011 (Logos), and was later also translated into Chinese (2014), Japanese (2016), and Georgian (2016). Here is the English version.

  • Choral Singing in Human Culture and Evolution: came out in Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany, in 2015. This is the second revised edition of the 2006 book. I cannot put the text of this book on this website because of the contractual agreements. You can buy a copy in the publisher's webpage.

  • Behind the Jim Corbett’s Stories: Analytical Journey Through’ Corbett’s places’ and Unanswered Questions: came out in 2016 (Logos). Here is the link to the book.

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